Tools for Mush

Tools for players, by a player ...

A tool created by Ma c'hi


Userscripts (compatible with Firefox and Chrome) to enhance your experience of the game Mush !


Hack your teammates AstroPad and hide your evil plans ...

Currently in development or not translated in English :


Write a pitch, choose characters' names, define your rules and start a 100% RolePlay Mush game!
(Only works on the French Mush website)


Input your destination planet data, your teammates skills and the items you own to discover if your expedition will bring plenty of treasures or be a journey to hell ...
(Not translated in English)


Smileys bar
(Only works on the French website of Mush)


Format your messages before sending them by chat
(Not translated in english)

If you encounter a bug on Mush, DISABLE any active userscript before reporting it to game devs : it may be one of the userscripts that has problems, not the original website.