Your scenario, your characters, your rules.

A tool created by Ma c'hi


MushScenario is a userscript compatible with Firefox and Chrome browsers.

A userscript can access the whole content of the pages it acts on and modifies the content of these pages. Only install userscripts from trusted sources!

MushScenario allows you to create or take part in games of Mush totally customised by the imagination of a scenario Author.

MushScenario can:

But MushScenario:

In conclusion, MushScenario is the ideal tool if your casting wants to allow its members to immerge in the universe of your choice and do a full RolePlay game !

If you encounter a bug on Mush, DISABLE any active userscript before reporting it to game devs : it may be one of the userscripts that has problems, not the original website.

Tool created by Ma c'hi following an original idea by Drozera.