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List of scenarios

This is the list of 3 public scenarios created by players in english.
You can freely reuse them to get inspired for your own scenario creation.

All those scenarios are fan-fictions adaptated to the browser game Mush and can therefore contain content subject to copyright. In such a case, the characters, objects and other names used stay the entire property of their respective owners.
To ask the deletion of any of those scenarios, please address a motivated demand to and mention the scenario code in it.

Title Author Date Code
Friendly mush Franfran2424 04-01-2020 19:21 FRA5768903 Read
stephen stephen 04-08-2017 00:50 STE1612621 Read
stephen stephen 04-08-2017 00:46 STE1612392 Read

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The Quality Scenario medal is awarded by the administrators of MushScenario
on some conditions : spelling, narration and suitability to the Mush universe.

Scenarios are sorted on criterias like popularity, medal, spelling, age, ...
following a secret algorythm known only by NERON.